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"How Wonder Skincare saved my skin.”

I was a soap and water woman for years. That was it! My whole facial beauty routine consisted of a twice-a-day wash with whichever soap was on sale at the supermarket that week. It was easy, cheap, and required very little thought; but then, seemingly overnight, it just stopped working. First I got oily, then the adult acne set in, then the fine lines and brown spots showed up. I started caking on makeup to compensate, but eventually I stopped going out altogether.

I am someone who knows what she doesn't know, and skincare is certainly not my area of expertise (ask me anything about coffee beans though, and I can talk for hours). So I asked around and found someone who knows skincare backwards and forwards, and who has been helping women like me for almost 20 years. That person was Sarah, a Medical Aesthetician at Wonder Skincare.

Connecting with Wonder Skincare was super easy. I just booked a virtual consultation on their website, and met with Sarah just a couple of days later. We spent half an hour going through my concerns, my goals, my budget and my decades-long soap and water habit.

I loved Sarah right away, because she assured me that my story is a common one. She told me that so many people start out this way and miss out on the opportunity to take good care of their skin while they’re still young, healthy, and unblemished. In other words, many of us show up a little late to the skincare party and have some catching up to do.

Before recommending any specific products, Sarah explained why medical grade skincare is so much more  effective than anything I could ever buy over the counter, even at a specialized beauty counter at a drugstore or department store. She explained that some of the most critical ingredients just aren't available over the counter, and that even when they are, they're not allowed to be used in concentrations high enough to be effective. That's why so many people wind up frustrated when they don’t see results! Because Wonder Skincare has a Physician Medical Director with decades of experience in the aesthetic industry overseeing and directing any skincare diagnoses or product recommendations, they have access to so many of the industry's best and most effective skincare brands.

After half an hour of fun chit chat about my skin, Sarah recommended a very simple but ultimately very effective regimen for me. It turns out that there are some super amazing cleansers that are better than whatever bar of soap is on sale at the supermarket (shocking, I know).

My morning routine now consists of Vivier Foaming Cleanser, followed by Rejudicare 2CRM Sal Serum, SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair, Rejudicare Illumin Cream, and finally, Sarah recommended SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50, applied every day before I leave the house. She made this point super clear: I should be wearing sunscreen every single day, rain or shine, year round.

My evening regimen is just as simple. I use the same cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer, but my evening routine also includes a low percentage retinol formulation ( SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.3). 

I normally don’t believe in quick fixes, but my oily skin disappeared almost overnight. The adult acne took a few weeks to fade away, and even the fine lines have improved! Now I love what I see in my bathroom mirror every morning before I head off to work and every night when I get ready for bed.

Wonder Skincare saved my skin.

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