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Welcome to Wonder Skincare.

Skinthusiasts, welcome to Canada’s most wonder(ful) skincare store. Wonder Skincare is the country’s first virtual skincare clinic, offering expert skin advice from the comfort and safety of home, and scientifically-backed products shipped to your doorstep. The global pandemic called for more accessible aesthetics… and we answered. We’re about to transform the way you access skincare in the most wonder(ful) way.

Proven skincare backed by science.

The skincare brands you love? We’ve got them, and we love them too. At Wonder Skincare you can shop an impressive lineup of top medical-grade skincare brands including SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, Colorescience, iS Clinical, Tizo, RejudiCare, and Canada’s own: VivierSkin. The list won’t stop there; we’re adding more of your favourite clinically-proven skincare lines in the months to come. 

Expert advice from real Skin Therapists.

In addition to being wonder(ful) humans, Wonder Skin Therapists are certified Medical Aestheticians that you can reach via private email, phone, or virtual consultation to receive one-on-one expert guidance on personalized routines. They’re carefully trained in assessing the skincare needs of common conditions like acne, rosacea and pigmentation, and welcome clients with all ages and stages of skin. Whether you’re adopting good habits early for prevention, looking to get a little bit more out of your skincare routine, or hoping to turn back the clocks to healthier, more youthful skin, Wonder Skin Therapists are here to make skincare personal, effective and convenient.

Convenient shopping…

Shop your favourite skincare brands from your sofa, kitchen table, desk or (parked) car. Wonder Skincare is Canada’s first totally virtual skincare clinic, which means all the skincare convenience you could hope for, without sacrificing service or care.

… shipped right to your doorstep.

Each magical package of purchased skincare product will arrive at your door quickly, safely, in environmentally conscious packaging, and with a few extra goodies for you to enjoy… because we think you’re wonder(ful).

Consider this your official call to join Canada’s skincare revolution. Not only are we offering safe, secure and personal advice, we’re also providing regular and ongoing skincare content right here on the Wonder(ful) Skin Blog. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook too, where we’ll be hosting regular giveaways and sharing engaging content from staff and users. It’s going to be wonder(ful). … because we think you’re wonder(ful).

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